Space.Pack January 26nd 2006
Download [PNG]!
2015 Update! WHAT!? Updated the images in the pack from PCX to something more modern and useful (PNG).

Update! The IG pack was down for sometime with the loss of the server. It has been returned once I finally tracked down the file. REJOICE!

Cornjob has made some very nice additions to the Forest planet as well some character stuff. You can find what he did in the 'NEW' folder but the images are also in the proper folders.

Thanks to the effort of Rodney "The" Kill Insta-game has a very nice update. Many objects and a Foresty planet. Boing BING!

The first in hopefully a series of packs. The Space pack features a sand planet, forest planet, corridors and a small village. Many alien characters to choose from and even more objects to put on backgrounds or for inventory use. Sound Fx and midis also come with the pack but if you prefer to use mp3 they are avialable at the mp3 page.
800x600. Every pixel you see is mine because the Goverment says so. So don't touch!