Save early. Save often.


So you are playing some sadistic JRPG and have been grinding for the past 2 hours when suddenly your dog, tripping on acid, rips your computer off your desk. Once you have regained conciousness you remember that you haven't saved in a long time. I happens to all of us. That is why I made LifeSaver.

LifeSaver is a simple little application to autosave, via keystrokes sent to the application, on a set interval. LifeSaver is NOT an app made for making bots, or cheats. I know there are applications that do similar functionality but all I wanted was a simple application with some basic customization. Some game developers and emulator creators have built this sort of feature directly into the game and for that they have my gratitude, but sadly this is not a commonly found feature.

LifeSaver uses .NET 2.0. If you are on XP SP1 (I think) or later you should be fine. (Sorry Macs and Linuxes)


Quick Start

Here is a small tutorial to get an idea of how you would setup LifeSaver with an emulator. I'll be using the excellent Kega Fusion. Kega Fusion uses the keystroke 'F5' to do a save state. It also uses 'F6', and 'F7' to cycle through the current save slot.

What I'll do is setup LifeSaver by giving it the emulator's window name (You can usually get this from the top of the window, but if the game or emulator only does fullscreen get it by doing ctrl+alt+del and opening the Task Manager. You probably only need to the first 5-10 characters of the name, so long as it is long enough to make it unique.)

Then I'll set my interval to 60 seconds so it saves once a minute.

Then I add the keystrokes I want it to perform. I am doing F5 so it saves, then F6 so it moves to the next slot. This means I will have a history of saves once a minute for 10 minutes (Kega Fusion has 10 slots).

Then click the Monitor Application button.

When the emulator/game window is active LifeSaver will show a lightbulb letting you know it will be sending keystrokes to it. Clicking the Always On Top button (Top Right Corner), and running the game/emulator in windowed mode will make this easier to test.

If this isn't there then something went wrong with the window name. Double check it to make sure you didn't typo.

So long as the emulator or game has some sort of quick save feature you should be able to rig LifeSaver up to it.


LifeSaver 0.1b