Sylpher's Mame Cabinet - Current


Well there she is. Really starting to come together. I thought today would be the last major day of work besides the T-molding. I was wrong! We'll get to that in a minute. I patched up the holes and drilled in the remaining needed ones. And after much deliberating we deceided to patch up a bit on the beach and palm tree scene. Much love Matt but the green water was voted off the island and sadly the shark-whale went with it. If I can track down an image of the original beach scene for reference I will, but all I can find is this current one. I know there are some early shots floating out there on someone elses digital camera. I'll see what I can do.

Moving along, I unloaded the TV and we stuck it inside the the box. Perfect fit! Outlining the TV on the otherside of the plexiglas for reference we pulled it out and taped the inside. The remaining spray paint from the sides wasn't enough so we ran to the store and picked up some more. We also got some speakers with mount plates to replace the Pc Speakers with as there is nothing to mount them with.

When we got back we finished spray painting the bezel and after it dried a bit we pulled some of the plastic off on the front of the plexiglas to discover.. Dun, dun, dun... NOOOO!

The black caulking we used to affix the plexiglas with was riddled with bubbles. Bubbles everywhere! We pulled off the plexiglass and tried to make it better br scraping off the caulk and spraypaint the edges but it seems black sparypaint comes in two shades because the new paint we picked up didn't match. The old paint looked dead solid black and the new stuff had a kind of pencil lead look to it. We are going to try and save the piece of plexiglas, but we may end up just getting a whole new piece.

I have been reading about smoked plexiglas and it looks quite interesting. Guess we'll see what happens.