Dude! Update already!

posted by Sylpher @ 8:49pm, Friday 6 March 2009.

Oh, hello.

[insert excuses about not updating for so long]

Right, moving along. I've been coding a lot lately, and forcing myself to not start a project. It was difficult at first to turn off the impulse in my brain that once I learned a new concept to not immediately try to think of a way to implement it into a project somehow. I guess the ideas still flood in, but the important thing is I am refusing to act on the ideas and this has helped me really buckle down and focus on improving my skills without the pressure of a project.

Of course this sounds obvious now, but it is quite difficult to stop habits sometimes. My only real goal at this point is to get a solid understanding of a game engine and various ways to implement them. I'm trying to build myself a decent engine that I can do rapid prototyping in. If I can get to that point I will very likely post any throw away prototypes I make on here. Naturally the ones I would like to do more with I would keep slightly closer to my chest, but I would probably release them sooner or later.

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I would keep slightly closer to my chest,lovely talking

ismaielmism - 3:32am, Monday 17 May 2010.

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