Outlaws LP

posted by Sylpher @ 8:11pm, Friday 1 August 2008.

The first project up is my LP of Outlaws. I think what I will do is make active projects sticky and when they finish or I drop them I will let them fade back into the archive.

Let's Play Outlaws

Murder, revenge, and some of the smarmiest horses this side of the Mississippi. Outlaws is a FPS set in the untamed wilds where the boys are separated from the men. I plan to play the entire single player, the extra Handful of Missions and show off the multiplayer, so kick back for a spell and enjoy.

I'll make a post whenever there is a new video, but the real action is over on the SA forums. Check it out here.

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You smell of bees!

AGA - 8:34pm, Friday 1 August 2008.

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