Novo Mestro-It's Like German Expressionist Cinema...except without the Cinema...or the Germans

Novo Mestro

The World Has Ended

What Shall Become Of Novo Mestro?


Novo Mestro is a piece which can be titled (with a degree of suppressed laughter) an arthouse piece. It concerns an academic by the name of Novo Mestro. Unfortunately for him, and indeed most people, he awakens at the beginning of the "game" to find that God has pulled the final joke on humanity, and pulled the plot on creation. Novo must now face his new problems through debate with his colleagues Maribor and Jesenice.

REAL Synopsis

I had, in a dull afternoon, the concept for a game without meaning or gameplay, that gave illusions of profound concepts, provided an atmosphere of faux intelligentsia and moreover allow me to contribute in some small way finally to the Amateur/Independent/Homebrew/Underground Adventure community. It was inspired by the medium that is the Sci Fi short story, specifically those that had their heyday in the pulpy decades of the 40's and 50's. The Apathetic Apocalypse (lifted from Asimov's The Last Trump) found it's home in a Gormenghast cleansed of Kafka. The game is all it was intended to be (short and pointless) but unfortunately, to many it promised more.

Poor fools.

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In a feeble attempt to grant this site some more fibre I will grant a brief profile of each of the three characters.

Novo Mestro

Novo is a pseudo intellectual. He seeks to change the world, but no longer can once it's fabric is undone. He discusses his problems with his comrades, but is too weak to challenge their opinions and becomes a victim of Jesenice's arrogance. Despite his best logic he is unwilling to give up his form and is wary of dispelling his ego without his twoo collegues. Moreover than any of this, he is a link character who provides an easy ride for the player.


It has long been the question of many of the great minds of our civilisation to wonder of the ramifications should an esteemed Hellenic butcher take to temporal ponderings. Maribor is the result of this. He has developed, and holds great pride in, his own matephor for the flow of time, a physical manifestation of which he has found in the colossal edifice of the 'schulz. So entrapped by this same manifestation is he that he has chosen to live there, musing continually in pure philosophy. He represents a compromise between the cold logic and overbearing arrogance of Jesenice and the meek Novo.


Jesenice prides himself on his logic devoid of empty emotional assumptions, and thus he is the first to abandon his physical form when the Dominion of Matter ends. He is as arrogant as a Sci Fi writer constructing the foreword to a collection of his own stories. Although good natured he is condescending towards Novo and his perceived lesser intelligence. His logic shows itself to be weak however, when he is reluctant to do away with his ego despite knowing that it, like matter, is a thing of the past (allowing for the fact that by his logic the past never existed).

Now for the fun part!

Download Novo Mestro (700kb)

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There are many many people who I could thank, but here I will strip it down to two. Chris Jones for creating Adventure Game Studio and Sylpher, for shouting me this precious webspace. Thanks Dylph.

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